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Jan. 9th, 2018

Well at least things have stabilized -- for now.

Dinner did actually happen, and so did another round of drinks (gin & tonic is pretty good btw) BUT you need to cut down on your excessive drinking habits.

And now I have a free dinner voucher for a favour. but is it, really? Can it truly be called a task when I volunteered for this, and I'm actually enjoying it?

But hey, if it's coming from you I guess I can't say no to good food.

Bring it, hun.

Dec. 18th, 2017

We've been talking bout dinner, but when's it happening? :curious:
The irony is so real. Both start with S and end with A, with the same amount of letters.

Perhaps tomorrow will bring about a new story, but it will conclude for now.

I will iterate those words I said again - be strong, be wise, always.

Nov. 23rd, 2017

Times like these i just wanna be left alone.

Just leave me alone.
You will see less of me now.

But it applies to everyone and not just you.

And just for this case, you'll either be the last to know, or never.

So apparently my CV hasn't been forwarded over yet, guess there's still some time.

Why am I starting to feel nervous? Why does this place seem more beautiful than it was?

"When A House is Not a Home"

The title should speak for itself.

To start, the gratitude I have for the 25 years that you've brought me up in an upright and righteous manner cannot be described in words, and I daresay I'm much more well off and fortunate than compared to most.

However, these 6 years of patiently waiting after being denied ONCE of a rare and life-changing opportunity has reinforced my stand that this time I will not pass it up should it come to fruition.

And tonight will decide the final verdict.

If you've been wondering what caused the change between us, this is the reason. I'm really sorry because I would only hurt you in the end by leaving for my own selfish gains. I'm not the nice guy you imagined me to be and you definitely deserve way better x

Nov. 14th, 2017

I'd say the recent events have taken quite a toll on me lately.

I've gone back to playing my PC on a daily basis again, although in a more controlled manner this time.

Just yesterday I saw for myself a live example of an "absence of a person who is already present", with dementia, or Alzheimer's being the main culprit.

I haven't shared this with anyone, but I thought I'd just pen this down here as a self-reminder when I look back to this blog again in the near future.

To preserve the confidentiality, let's name my colleague Eve. Eve, throughout my stay here, has been a diligent and earnest worker, and was the textbook definition of an ideal worker. She did not skive, nor did she shirk her responsibilities when the occasion called for it.

So when she came over to my colleague, Adam (for anonymity's sake) with a request to have him urgently drive her somewhere, my curiosity was piqued -- and fortunately enough, she trusted me enough to let me in on this.

And I must say it was pretty heart-wrenching to hear, even if I wasn't involved or implicated in any way.

Turns out, her 77 year-old father is suffering from dementia after having gone through multiple strokes and head injuries arising from constantly losing his balance and seems to have forgotten everyone, including his own name. As the tears welled up in her eyes while she described in detail what her father and her family was going through, I couldn't help myself feeling rather emotional. Indeed, this was a very real example of someone being present and absent at the same time.

Moving on, she also shared that the doctors actually advised her to put him in a nursing home.and initially I could never think of a reason why any person with a conscience would put his/her parents in a nursing home but it seemed indisputably apt in this situation. The tantrums and the mood swings brought on by dementia put her family in great turmoil, and they had run out of all options but this.

Is it still wise to leave?
Believe me when I say I miss those times as well.

Those days of chilling together till the wee hours of the night, the things we had to share, and enjoying each other's company.

Perhaps one day we'll find ourselves back again.

But meanwhile, it's probably time for some cooling off.

Nov. 10th, 2017

Oh, so we're not talking anymore now?

Well... I'll respect it nonetheless.